Intelligence Token Ecosystem


the currency of ideas_

The pillars of knowledge monetization


WΣ CITE rewards collective knowledge and intelligence by setting up a collaborative ecosystem.


Advanced protection for intellectual properties, enabling controlled and monetizable access to knowledge

CITE token

Groundbreaking digital asset within the WΣ CITE ecosystem, securing investments and transactions

Empowering collective knowledge

WΣ CITE rewards collective knowledge by creating a dynamic ecosystem where every contribution is valued and monetized.

Through CITE tokens, we enhance collaboration and spur innovation across the community, enabling the sharing and validation insights and solutions more effectively.

This approach recognizes individual efforts and strengthens our community’s collective intelligence.

Our novels CITE-NFTs

Our NFTs offer a new standard in protecting and commercializing intellectual property.

These encrypted non-fungible tokens ensure secure ownership and proof of authenticity for trade secrets. Integrated with the CITE ecosystem, they enable controlled and registrable access to encrypted content, allowing IP owners to safely monetize their assets.

This secure system transforms how intellectual property of any type is accessed and traded, making it simpler and safer to manage and profit from innovation in our tokenized ecosystem.

The CITE value

Designed to be scarce and convertible to fiat currencies, our token’s supply is strategically linked to global population growth.

As both a transactional instrument and a crucial investment mechanism, CITE enables secure interactions among a network of innovators, creators, and evaluators.

It supports the monetization of protected solutions and support the funding of innovations within an economy increasingly driven by intellectual output.

Our founders team

Verónica Medaura

Verónica Medaura


PhD in International Business driving sustainable tech strategies and ESG initiatives in emerging markets.

Hernán Asorey

Hernán Asorey


PhD Physicist revolutionizing tech with blockchain, IoT and digital twins for groundbreaking innovations.

Juan Novelli, CEO

Juan Novelli


Process engineering and R&D expert transforming production with digital technologies and blockchain.

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